Monday, 27 August 2012

.▲. Urban Dweller .▲.

Photographer: Janelle Warren from Enter The Sun
Model: Rachel Rossito
Styling: Janelle Warren from Enter The Sun

Hello fall! Introducing Enter The Sun's first fall photoshoot. This time, I had the privilage of photographing the shoot with the beautiful Rachel as my model! I have to say, and so has everyone who knows me and has seen these pictures - it was a bit like styling and photographing my long lost twin! I even do a double take at some of these photos! 

It was so great to get behind the camera and capture the shots - I'm no professional photographer, that's for sure, but I do love to take photos. Normally I'm either roping someone in to take a few quick snaps of me, or (painfully) trying to take pictures of myself with a remote. Rachel was a wonderful model and such a trooper - we wandered down streets, went down alley ways, and, yes, climbed on top of a roof to get these shots. 

There's more clothing coming on within the next - and possibly a new bag too! And actually, some of the new clothing is inspired by the book Women Who Run With The Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Rachel walked away from the shoot with a new pair of White Wolf earrings (the long earrings with the white feathers pictured above), because she had just read the book as well - more on that when the clothes are released. Stay tuned :)
(Oh and if you didn't hear already - there's free shipping to the USA and a giveaway going on, both that end August 31st! Check it on Facebook)


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