Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mini Photo Shoot

Been seriously neglecting the blog lately... between moving back to Canada, teaching dance, selling at the market, working on new items and a website (coming soon!), as well as general life things, lets just say it's been challenging to keep up. I have so many wonderful things to share with you coming over the next month or so! 

This little mini photoshoot - sort of 3 minis in one, was taken just before I left Philadelphia. I met Ally through a new friend, and managed to snag her for a brief photo session. We literally snapped this in about half an hour, on the streets of Manayunk in the late summer sun! There's a mix of Enter The Sun up there, my fav bold pair of peacock earrings, sweet little seashell studs, large Shadow Dancer breastplate necklace, white Coyote breastplate necklace, and the oh so comfy sweaters + more. Shorts by Coyote Canon - Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and as crazy as it is, I'm gearing up for Christmas... remember to plan ahead, Canadian and US customers should have their orders placed by Dec. 7 for items to arrive on time! International orders, please message me for a quote. 



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