Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ashes and Snow

I remember when I first saw Gregory Colbert's Ashes and Snow: Feather to Fire. I was mesmerized by the imagery, the poem, the beautiful music... but what I loved about it most of all was the simple yet deeply poetic interaction between humans and the rest of the animals.  The colorless style of his photos speaks of timelessness and eternity, while the content seems to capture the wonderful and harmonious unity of the human and animal spirit.

Recently, I rediscovered Ashes and Snow, and looked a bit further into the photographs and artist behind the work, Gregory Colbert. His photographs are collaberations between humans and other animals, and work towards rediscovering the common ground that once existed when people saw themselves as part of nature, not outside of it. He has been traveling around the world for over two decades, photographing people and animals in contact with one another. I find it very refreshing that in such a photoshopped world,  none of Colbert's images or films have been superimposed or digitally altered.

This connection with animals and nature that we all share is not given much thought in todays fast-paced urban world. Cities, sprawl, and suburbs take up much of the land and often do not encourage contact with nature (big props to all the initiatives and programs that do!). It's important to remember this connection... whether it be through art, action, or time spent. No matter how much technology we have, we are still animals in our body and in our spirit. - @EnterTheSunLove.

Check out his website for some more beautiful images and stories here.

Love Revolution Tip of the Week - If you're feeling stressed out, take some animal time! Play with a dog, pet a cat, take a stroll and listen to the birds. You'll feel refreshed and de-stressed!

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