Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring is Here! Some Tips on Putting Some Spring in Your Step

Happy spring equinox everyone!

Today is the first official day of spring, and although it's still quite cold 'round these parts, that doesn't stop our excitement for spring. Today's post has a few ideas that we're doing here at Enter The Sun to celebrate spring, followed by our Music Monday spring song of the week (a few days late of course). We'd love to hear some more ideas from you in the comments! :)

1. Spring Cleaning

One of my favorite things to do every spring is spring cleaning. It's a great opportunity to de-clutter and refresh. Being disorganized can be frustrating, which can lead to stress. By simplifying and organizing your space you can give yourself some peace and breathing space. This leads to a less-stressed and happier you, aka a healthier you!
You can feel good and help others by doing your spring clean. When I do my spring clean, I always gather up the things I don't use anymore and usually manage to fill up a couple bags for Big Brothers Big Sisters and other donation places.
Get creative with your space, and feel accomplished once you're done.

2. Plant Some Seeds

With spring brings a renewal of life... animals have adorable babies, plants bud and bloom, new life is created and grows. If you don't have the means for an outdoor garden, there's still lots of options for greenery indoors! Windowsill herb gardens are a great option to grow some greens inside, plus you get the benefit of fresh herbs in your cooking. Caring for plants is a great way to understand them, and it's very rewarding to care for something.
If you're someone who is away from home a lot, or maybe has a track record of forgetting about your plants, you could try succulents. They require minimum care, and still give you the benefit of some green love.

3. Review your New Years Goals

I don't know about you, but I usually start off the year so excited for my New Years Goals. Then by the time February or March rolls around, some of them have made their way to the back burner. Spring is the perfect reminder to dig out that resolution or goal list that you wrote, do a personal review and reflection on how you're doing, and re-evaluate where you're going.
I plan on posting mine up on the wall in my studio, as a daily reminder of my goals!

4. Start/Get Back to Your Healthy Routine

It's time to shake off that winter hibernation! I generally keep a pretty regular schedule of eating healthy and excerice but I do find that perhaps since I'm a big fan of outdoor exercise, December-March I start slowing down with my healthy habits. Spring kick-starts me back into healthy habit mode. Exercise (bike, yoga, whatever your chosen method), and eat healthy food to feel and look great!

5. Get outside

What better way to celebrate spring then to go outside and play?! See the blooms as they unfold and smell that fresh spring air!

Here's a fun and favorite spring song, "Flowers in Your Hair" by the Lumineers to get you dancing barefoot!

Got any more tips or ideas on how to start spring feelin' good? We'd love to hear 'em! Leave us a comment below :)



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