Wednesday, 24 April 2013

DIY: One of a Kind Boots (inspired by Luxury Jones) in 7 Simple Steps!

I LOVE these boots. They're my favorite go-to, to boho-ify an outfit... and best of all, they're eco-friendly! I have some for sale up in the shop, but today I thought I'd share some insight on how to make them. Keep on reading to find out!

You'll Need:
- cowboy boots (vintage/secondhand) - leather is preffered although other types will work
- vintage belts
- fabric (optional)
- glue gun/strong glue (industrial strength is best)/leather sewing material (read on for more info)
- any other extras you want to put on there - beaded necklaces, feathers... anything!
- time

Hope you enjoyed this! Check out my Etsy store for more. I'll be selling them at the Halifax Famers Market as well.

Happy crafting lovelies!


Love tip!: Instead of throwing something in the trash when doing your spring cleaning, think of other ways you could re-use or recycle it. Maybe donate it, or check out Pinterest for loads of ideas!

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