Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurers!

Today was such a beautiful day!!! It was the first day that really felt like summer was coming, with the warm sunshine and crocuses blooming. It also got me thinking about traveling and road trips, which is how Enter The Sun got started. You can read more about our travelin' soul shop beginnings here.

The past couple days I've been spending probably way too much time looking at photos on Pinterest, getting inspired for my upcoming beach wedding and for other inspiration. I've been coming across lots of roadtrip-esque photos, and I thought I'd share some of these inspiring road trippin' photos that capture some of the freedom, fun, insights, and hot summer days spent in vehicles.

A couple quick tips for ya on road trips:

- Make sure you've got a good playlist! The radio can be fantastic, but it may not be fantastic all the time. I suggest to mix up the music with some great intellectual or humorous podcasts (I'm a CBC diehard).

- Use big glass bottles to store your water. Plastic water bottles can get all kinds of nasty from sitting in the sun and heat (check out National Geographic for a simple and easy to read article). Opt for a thick glass bottle (sturdy) or something like stainless steel.

- Take yoga/walking/running/working out breaks. Your muscles will thank you for it.

- Tennis balls work as a great massager, perfect for getting the knots out from sitting for long periods of time.

- Keep the car organized! And make sure the food, pillows, and swimsuits are easily accessible.


I hope you're all able to take a road trip this summer! Traveling does wonders to open your mind, heart and soul. The people you meet, the situations you are in... it can be amazing and eye opening.
See you on the road,
Love always,
Janelle xx


Love tip!: Compliment someone you don't know on something! Brighten up someone's day :)

Images from: Enter The Sun, personal photos, weheartit, RoxySugerhigh + Lovestoned, Hitch Designs

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