Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Path Less Travelled

Photographer: Brendan from Envision | Editing: Janelle Warren
Styling: Janelle Warren
Model: Janelle Warren

Ah, traveling... I do believe that it really is good for the soul. Ironically, I didn't plan for the first post of this blog to be about traveling, but it just happens to be what I have to write about in travelings under the sun!  

I love traveling... you learn things about the world and yourself that you might have missed otherwise. There are so many ways to live in the world, so many things to do and to see. To step outside of your norm, and learn to embrace the unknown is a great teacher. It has the potential to open up your mind and heart if you let it. 

I've just recently returned from a little roadtrip around the eastern and southern areas of the United States in, what some of you might remember, the greasemobile (more on that another time I'm sure). With the Boss's lyrics ""Well the night's busted open, these two lanes will take us anywhere" playing in my head, and the back of the van loaded with instruments and jewelry fun like a couple of modern day nomads, we were off. 

Down and over to Tennessee, through to Georgia, and back up the coast we journeyed. We sang Wagon Wheel in Raleigh, saw some good old fashioned bluegrass in Nashville, learned that there were pelicans and alligators in Georgia and Carolina, broke down in Virginia and had the most interesting tow truck driver we've ever met, and so much more... traveling is a time when memories are made with stories that are told and retold with excitement for years to come. 

All that being said, road tripping and backpacking isn't the only way to travel - art, music, dance, painting, poetry, walks in the woods... these are all ways of traveling, just in a different way. Actually, that verbalized realization came from travel, but I suppose that's another story altogether. 

This photoshoot for Enter The Sun was inspired by the Southern part of the United States, and taken in Georgia... I've completely fallen in love with the southern accent and hospitality you hear so much about! We were on our way back from the beach and found this beautiful little path by an inlet. And so with (very) salty beach hair, pelicans flying overhead, and my new cowgirl boots given to me in Nashville on this trip by a new friend (thanks Ashley!), we managed to get this little photoshoot in - just as the sun was going down and the sky turned to cotton candy colours! 

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