Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wild Escapes

I'm so excited to introduce the beginning of Enter The Sun's bag collection!!! 
In these photos (click the name to take you to the item):

This photoshoot took place in Philadelphia... one of the things that I love about Philadelphia, is that there is an enormous park that stretches on throughout a large part of the city. In there, you can completely forget that just beyond lies an urban environment. 

Although I do love some things about cities - the culture, the music, the events - the wilderness is really where my heart is. I've just recently returned from a week at the Children Of The Earth Foundation (COTEF), where I was helping out with the programs there teaching wilderness and earth living skills to children. The black shirt I am wearing in the last set of photographs is from that time - it was an amazing week with some wonderful people and reminded me of just how great it is to live in the woods! I'll be writing up a separate blog post about the COTEF, my time there, and the skills it teaches so that I can keep this post short and sweet in terms of text... but you'll be hearing more about them soon!

Also, a special thanks to my wonderful photographer/helper/amazing person Brendan at Envision for all your help! Here he is pictured below in the reflection of my sunglasses at the shoot :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos and I hope they inspire creativity within your artistic self and a passion for the natural world. I'll leave you with these words...

"The most alive are the wildest. All good things are wild and free. In wildness is the preservation of the world. We are animal in our blood and in our skin. We were not born for pavements and escalators but for thunder and mud. More. We are animal not only in body, but in spirit. Our minds are the mind of wild animals. ...What is wild cannot be bought or sold, borrowed or copied. It is."


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