Saturday, 29 December 2012

Not Your Typical Beach Wedding

Our handmade rings and medicine bags

When someone says "beach wedding", usually what comes to mind is flowing dresses and sun kissed skin in the warm weather.... not parkas and hot tea in the winter winds. 

Technically, we haven't been calling it our "wedding" per say. This was our little civil ceremony, and we're having our 'real' wedding in September. Brendan is from the United States and I'm from Canada, so when we got engaged we decided to legally marry as soon as possible to get started on the paperwork (let me know if you have any experience/advice in this area!).  We're planning out our September wedding to make it the ceremony we envisioned, but still wanted to make this civil ceremony special. It turned out to be such a wonderful and fun day I can't wait to get married again! 

It was a flurry of activity and perfectly chaotic as there wasn't much time for planning. We decided to have it on a Sunday as we wanted to work the Saturday market since it was our busiest month at Enter The Sun. My first words of advice... take the day before your civil ceremony off! It worked out in the end, but it was definitely a whirlwind!

With extremely minimal planning... everything turned out perfectly. I wouldn't have had it any other way. My sister and best friend were there through the morning, bringing lots of good times and laughs. We managed to do something pretty with my hair, and Kirsten, my plant goddess best friend wrapped a beautiful bouqeut of the Lily and Snapdragon I had picked up from Seablooms at the Farmer's Market the day before. I put an Enter The Sun seashell in my hair, and had starfish singing in my ears.

The ceremony was set on a beautiful beach, where we had a fire and served wintergreen and pine needle tea to our guests. It was a very small ceremony, with family and 3 of my dearest friends attending. Everything was so relaxed and felt wonderful... so many feelings of love and happiness inside and around me. I was so calm and happy it was the best feeling!

Our rings that we exchanged were made by Brendan (my man :)) of elk antler he had found in the woods. In the weeks before the ceremony, we carried each others rings around in our medicine bags (we wear them to hold special and sacred items) to put good mojo and vibes into them. These bags were also tanned and handmade by Brendan. He's a talented one! 

After the ceremony on the beach, we all stopped by a local cafe, Pavia Expresso Bar and Cafe, for some hot chocolate and treats. The staff were lovely and also gave us newlyweds a shot for goodluck. It was a great place to chat and warm up after the beach. 

In the evening we gathered for dinner. There were speeches that made us laugh and brought tears to our eyes, delicious food, and lots of pictures taken. I had such a beautiful happy time with everyone I wish the night could have just kept going! 

In the end, I think being surrounded by such love, and entering into a new phase with such love made the day perfect. I honestly felt like I was just glowing on the inside!! I can't wait for our wedding in September... stay tuned for summery beach wedding photos ;)

My sister and I, right before going to the beach

My two maids of honour :)

Together! That's a piece of wood from our fire sticking out there

My mom and nan, warming up by drinking some wintergreen and pine needle tea

Smiles all around

Happy happy

And now...

It's official!

Proud grandparents


Jacket by North Face, leggins by Spell, jewelry by Enter The Sun

We didn't hire a photographer for the civil ceremony, so thanks to Michelle, Terri-Lynn, and Jarrett for snapping these pics of our special day take 1! And thanks to my family and friends who could make it out, I love you all so much!! Yay love!



  1. This is SO WONDERFUL! What a fantastic idea. You look so beautiful and happy in all these pictures. Congratulations from a fan/follower and etsy customer ;D

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    2. Thanks so much Kaela!
      I couldn't have been happier :)
      & Happy New Year!! xx