Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Full Spring Moon

A week ago today, was the spring equinox, when the days become longer and the weather warms (although this year it has stayed quite cold so far - which, according to The Guardian, some climate scientists have linked to the loss of Arctic sea ice). Here in the Northern Hemisphere, tonight is the first full moon of spring.  There are many other names for this particular full moon - the Full Crow Moon, due to the caws of the crows signaling the end of spring; the Full Worm Moon because of the thawing and appearance of worm trails; the Lenten Moon signaling Lent; and the Full Crust Moon because of the noisy crusted snow that results from the daily thawing and freezing.

A full moon occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun

One of my favorite names for it, is the Sap Moon. When the warm summer air is a distant memory and it seems the world will be forever winter gray, something amazing happens - a reawakening. The birds begin returning, the green of crocucus springs up, animals come out of hibernation, and the trees bud. The warmer days gets the blood of the trees flowing - the sap stored in their roots makes it's way up the tree to bring new buds their much needed sugars. For hundreds of years, people have benefited from this event, and I know I still do today - in a most delicious way!

We can learn a lot from the phases of the moon. It is in constant flow and change, just as we are. There  is not a time of fullness that lasts forever. We must always give ourselves rest, respect, and the ability to grow. The steady pattern of the waxing and waning moon can help to give us guidance through balance - the realization that in order to become brilliant and full, we must start small and build ourselves up. Then allow ourselves to settle back down. The moon is still amazing and beautiful when it is a crescent, just as you are!

And just incase you were interested, this site will tell you about the phases of the moon in your area. Now get your howl on!
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*Love tip - Plant some seedlings to care and nourish for. Some ideas here for indoor gardens.

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