Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Music Monday: So Many Ways To Die (and Live!)

My apologies for the delay - we're a day late today due to the holiday. However, I am excited for this week's Music 'Monday'!

Another oldie but a goodie, this is one of my favorite songs. It was introduced to me by a dear friend a ways back and I still love listening to it and watching the video. The song is called So Many Ways To Die, by Bombadil. I believe it was their first video, and it's a really great watch - the video is made up entirely of public domain footage from the 30's era of different ways folks have come close to dying (in some very unusual ways). Although this seems a bit of a downer, it's actually a very uplifting song and video as it shows you people who are truly living.

Take a listen to the lyrics, they're very inspiring, and here is the video which is most definitely worth the watch!

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