Thursday, 2 May 2013

See The Sea

I am so excited to announce the introduction of our new Medicine Turtle design... and that we will be donating a portion of each sale to a non-profit! The organization that we have chosen to support with this design is based right here in Halifax and is called the Canadian Sea Turtle Network. It consists of a group of scientists working together with commercial fishermen, to conserve endangered sea turtles in Canada and worldwide. As you know, part of our vision here at Enter The Sun is to promote healthy living with a respect for the environment and a close connection with nature. With the introduction of this new design we thought it would be a great way to give back.

The Medicine Turtle design was inspired by the love of the ocean and all of its creatures - particularly the turtle, an ancient symbol of the Earth and life. Our design is modeled after a photo of a Leatherback turtle. It has intricate symbolism representing the 4 directions, phases of the moon, the rising and setting sun, mountains, waves, and more nature-inspired artwork. 

I can't forget my elementary school inspiration for this design either - when I was about 10, I painted a picture and wrote a poem entitled The Medicine Turtle.

The Medicine Turtle - It managed to survive the past 15 years thanks to my Mom!

Leatherbacks, the Canadian Sea Turtle Network, and why we're donating

Leatherbacks are assessed as “critically endangered” on the World Conservation Union’s “Red List of Threatened Species.” Canadian waters are vital for leatherbacks in the Atlantic. It is here that they gather, after migrating thousands of kilometers from waters off the nesting beaches, to feast on jellyfish, their main prey. We have a responsibility to monitor these turtles, to protect them, and to learn as much as we can from them. If we don’t, Atlantic leatherbacks, like their counterparts in the Pacific Ocean, could be quickly headed for extinction.
- Courtesy of the Canadian Sea Turtle Network

While searching for an appropriate organization dedicated to preserving ocean life, I came upon the Canadian Sea Turtle Network through the Canadian Wildlife Federation. After reading about their cause, I was really excited and knew that I had found the right organization... and then I found out that they were based out of Halifax as well! What a great way to give back to the earth as well as our local community.

One of the big projects the Canadian Sea Turtle Network is working on, is called "Save The Leatherbacks". They're a grassroots, science-based group that works with fisherman to disentangle turtles from commercial fishing gear (one of the greatest threats to the survival of leatherbacks worldwide) and to develop practical and effective ways of prevention of entanglement. They conduct scientific research to better understand these ancient creatures, as well as conduct public education programs to work with children and teenagers who are the fishers of tomorrow.

Waters off the coast of eastern Canada support the highest concentration of leatherbacks in the North Atlantic. It is one of the most important feeding areas for this endangered species in the world. You can help us protect this ancient turtle, so that leatherbacks can swim freely in our oceans again.
- Courtesy of the Canadian Sea Turtle Network

Medicine Turtle Shirts

Currently, we have introduced a 'Love me Two Times' section on our Etsy shop... these shirts are SO SOFT.

One day as I was hunting for jean jackets, I couldn't help but notice all of these great shirts on the racks that I would totally wear myself. Then I thought... why use up more resources when there are all of these great shirts? So the Love Me Two Times idea was born.

I have hand-selected the nicest, comfiest, and oh-so-soft secondhand shirts to reduce our impact on the Earth and revamped them with Enter The Sun style. They are printed with an eco-friendly water-based ink.

We will also be introducing a Medicine Turtle eco-tank within the next couple weeks.

Finally I'll leave you with the poem that I wrote in elementary school... I used to think I would become some sort of poet and writer, here's my big debut! Hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I did ;)

The Medicine Turtle
The medicine turtle
sails to the ocean
with the waves going up
and coming down.
He comes up
to meet the crying birds
and hot rocky sand.

The medicine turtle flies
up to the heavens
past the fluffy clouds
shaped as fairy tales
into the vast and colourful sky.

The medicine turtle walks
into your heart,
healing all the tears and hurt
increasing all the joy.
- Janelle Warren 1998

Check out the Canadian Sea Turtle Networks website here, and their Facebook page here.

See our designs (more added each week!) here.

Lots of love,
Enter The Sun

*Love tip: Find a way of giving back to your community, whether it be through donating your time, money, or services!

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