Thursday, 13 June 2013

Fun in the Sun

Wow, things have been busy! Before I knew it, we're half way through June and I'm wrapping things up here in Nova Scotia and getting ready to go down to the States for the summer. 
As I mentioned on the Facebook page, I took a little break from the blog because I was extremely busy with dance performances, moving out of my apartment, and working on new designs for the summer (on top of working on current ETS stuff!). 

Now I'm back on the blog world! Dance has just wrapped up for the year, I'm almost moved out, and I will be leaving on Monday for the States. For those of you who come see us at the market - we'll still be there all summer! I have two lovely ladies who'll be heading up the market for me. 

We're not quite ready to showcase our new clothing designs for the summer, that is still in the works. However, the other day I spent the day at the beach with my sister, Terri-Lynn and we did a little photoshoot with some new jewelry we'll have at the market this Saturday. It includes handmade arrowhead rings (knapped by Brendan), song bracelets, stamped spoon necklaces, seashell and stone necklaces and also features some of our current clothing. 

It was so great to get behind the camera - normally I'm either setting up the tripod and running back and forth, or getting my (ever-so-patient) man to snap some photos. Ironically, my sister Terri-Lynn is usually found taking photos instead of being in them! She has her own photography business and so she's used to being behind the camera. She's a natural in front of it too ;)
Hope you enjoy!

Photographer: Janelle Warren

It was a perfect day to play on the beach. Super windy when we first got there, but after we walked along for a bit, we found a sheltered spot. 

Sand between our toes, the smell of salt water, and smiles on our faces!
Lots of love, 

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