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Wildflower Bridal Showers ❀ Ideas on How to Throw A Great Party

First of all, I would just like to say that I am so blessed with an AMAZING family, who did all of this! I have a wonderful mother and sister, and wonderful mother-in-law and sister-in-law who made these showers happen. 

As some of you know, instead of one bridal shower, I actually had two. We're an international couple, so one took place in Canada, and the other one in the United States. Kind of fitting that I had two showers I suppose, as we're having two weddings! 

After just having my second bridal shower, I thought I would do a little post about them since they were so wonderful. I made some collages (I've been a little obsessed with collages lately) of photos from the shower, along with some notations for ideas. (Click the collages to enlarge.)

The best part of these showers though, was the love! As long as you have that, any shower or party will be a good one. 

Walking into my surprise bridal shower, lined with wildflowers - so happy! :)

As I mentioned, the most recent shower happened just the other day. This one was a surprise bridal shower  - no one has ever thrown me a surprise anything before so it was pretty exciting for me. 

1. Sno-cones! Perfect for warm days. Crushed ice in the bowl + 3 flavors in the glass bottles. We had (non-alcoholic) Mojito, Pina Colada, and Daquiri.
2. Lots of flowers!
3. Delicious drinks, with wildflower ice cubes (amazing!)
4. Fruit kebabs and delicious deserts
5. Lots of "little touches"
6. Guests wrote advice/well wishes for the bride (me!) and clipped them up
7. Delicious (what can I say, there were lots of yummy things here) shrimp cocktail and salads
8. Just arriving at the shower, full of smiles, and was presented with a beautiful flower crown that Melissa made
9. "Bridal Libs"
10. The invitations that were sent out could be planted and grew wildflowers. There were also some larger confetti-like heart decorations that could be planted
11. Wildflower honey, a cute and yummy party favor
12. Lace teepee, with flowers hanging from it - so pretty!

(My sis-in-law Melissa has her own wedding cake business in North Carolina, and she sometimes makes trips to Philadelphia. She does beautiful work and her baking is SO GOOD. If you're in the area, you should check her out here!)


Cheers! Celebrating with friends and family :)

This shower took place a few months ago. I did know about this one, but had no idea about what it was going to look like. It turned out beautifully!

1. Lots of tasty snacks! Potluck style works well
2. Date Night ideas - write an idea on a popsicle stick (notice the matching-theme markers) and put it in a mason jar - now we have them for when we're stuck trying to come up with ideas for date nights!
3. East Cost wildflower seeds as party favors
4. Mimosa station
5. Chocolate fountain - always popular, always delicious
6. "'Meet the Bridesmaids" - I loved this - photos of each of the bridesmaids and flower girl with a mini bio on themselves, how the met the bride, and their friendship
7. Notice the big sun drawn on the chalkboard ;) along with other "little touches"
9. Photo to be framed, where all the guests wrote well wishes around
10. Flowers! It makes the place so cheery. And photos of the couple :)
11. Lots of "little touches" through colors, photos, and flowers
12. Cute little "Bride" tag on my chair

(This shower took place in my sister Terri-Lynn's studio, and she also does wedding photos in Nova Scotia - you can check out her photography here!)

So a huge thank you to my mom and sis, and to my US mom and sis! I know you put a lot of energy into making these showers happen and I truly appreciate it... they couldn't have been more perfect! I felt so special and loved... and still do :)

In the end, what is important is celebrating and spending time with the people you love. That is the number one idea I have for you for throwing a great party - lots of love! As long as you have that, it'll be a great time!



Thanks to Terri-Lynn, Katie, and Melissa for the photos!

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