Thursday, 15 August 2013

Make The Most Of Today!

"Ah! But today is the only day you are alive. "
- Claude Bristo

Do you ever feel like there's not enough time in your day? I've often felt that I have an endless list of things to accomplish. It can be easy to let the things that make you feel happy and whole fall by the wayside when you feel like that.

Here's 5 easy ways to make the most of your day:

1.   Choose happiness. Kind of a cliché, but I really have found that happiness is often a choice, and when you choose it, life is a lot more fun. There's always little things that happen that maybe didn't work out quite the way we wanted them to. Go ahead, give yourself a minute to be upset, but then choose to move on. If you're having trouble with this, one thing I like to do is just look around at all the blessings I have

2.   Take 5. If you feel like you can't devote a whole hour or two to going for a walk, working out, or just generally busting open the blinds with a huge smile singing about how wonderful the world is... just take five minutes instead! Or ten, or whatever you can. Taking a break from your work or writing a paper for just five minutes to sit outside, play a song, do some stretching (or those exercises your physical therapist told you to do but you just can't fit it in - I'm working on that one!) makes a huge difference.

3.   Schedule it! Make a "to-do" list of everything you want to get done. Choose the top three that are the most important, and schedule them in. Also, schedule in fun time! I know it seems ridiculous to schedule a walk or a time to read your favorite book or whatnot... but it works. During my really busy times, if it isn't scheduled, it probably isn't going to get done. Schedule in some "me" time and do what it is that makes you feel happy and alive!

4.   Really do whatever it is that you're doing. If you're making breakfast, make it a darn good delicious and healthy one!

5.   Smile! Smiling and being nice to people feels awesome.

And remember, today is a great day to wake up, and do something wonderful (not matter how small it may be!).

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