Thursday, 22 August 2013

Enter The Sun's Top 10 Essentials for the Perfect Road Trip

Here at Enter The Sun, we're gearing up to head out on our journey up North! We're leaving tomorrow morning on a big road trip to Nova Scotia, with a stop over in New Hampshire for a little climbing trip. 

With road tripping on my mind, I thought it would make a great topic for this week... now is the time to get in those last summer road trips! 

Here are our Top 10s for the road:

1. Healthy Snacks - Stay on point with being healthy by packing some nutritious and delicious food. Besides, no one likes how they feel after they scarf down a bunch of junk food and then have to sit in a moving car for 10 hours... no one. We always stock lots of dried fruit, nuts, and jerky for snacks that won't go bad. 
(Another tip: If you're driving through an area that has local produce in season, stop by and try some! We drove through South Carolina and got some a m a z i n g fresh peaches from a sweet couple selling them out of the back of their truck).

2. Playlist Essentials - Good tunes are an obvious one, but after awhile you can get tired of hearing music. One of my favorite things to do on a roadtrip is listen to some interesting or funny talks instead. I usually download a bunch of podcasts for the road - CBC is one of my top choices, they have loads of things to choose from, from funny shows to educational to interesting interviews. National Geographic and Stuff You Should Know also have some really interesting ones... and there's so much more!

3. Headlamps - I love headlamps. Seriously, they're so much more functional than handheld or book lamps! They'll come in handy, trust me. 

4. Maps - Now I'm all for getting lost and exploring... but sometimes, ya just gotta get where you're going. 

5. Water - Drink lots of it! Although it can be tempting to resist so you don't make so many pit stops, you'll feel much better if you stay hydrated. Glass bottles for water are much more ideal than plastic, because all those hours sitting in the sun and heat may cause nasty chemicals to leach from the plastic into your drinking water, and then into you. The jury is still out on to what degree this happens, so personally I don't like to take the risk. 

6. A comfy cushion - Many hours sitting in a car = a sore bottom. Comfy clothing is a definite as well. 

7. Time for mini trips - The best part about a road trip? The mini trips! So many adventures all in one adventure :) Stop at a lake for a swim, take the coastal route for a bit, check out a park... whatever happens to be on the way. 

8. Swimsuit - See above. 

9. Sunglasses - Even if you're not an avid sunglasses wearer, many hours of squinting in the car will make you wish you had a pair!

10. First Aid Kit - I always travel with at least the most basic of first aid kits. Usually some antibiotic ointment, band-aids, bandages, and tweezers. 

11. Your wonderful attitude :) traveling with people can sometimes be a strain over long periods of time... stay positive and everything should run smoothly. Ok, that was 11, but this last one is important!

Remember to check out your car too! Check your oil, check your tires, bring a spare tire... that sort of responsible type stuff can save you a lot of headache. 

Oh and one more tip: Bring things to do, but don't bring a ton of things to do! It's great to have some road trip games in your back pocket and to bring a journal and a book for the road. But you only really need one. I am notorious for bringing waaay too many notebooks and books. You'll have lots of exciting adventures on the road, and will spend way less time than you think with the books! If you need more, you can always get more, but only take one of everything! 

What would you add to the list?

In the photo above, I'm hanging out in our big ol' van that runs on used vegetable oil and wearing Enter The Sun clothing and jewelry! 

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