Monday, 6 July 2015

It has been awhile since we have posted online regarding Enter The Sun items... this is more of a personal journey. We will see where it goes from here!


I have been wanting to improve both my photography and writing for some time now. After years of putting off putting the time in to improve... here we go!

I love to capture moments that inspire, that take your breath away, that are meaningful. I love to tell stories. My hope is to get to a place where you feel it to.  

I have decided to hold myself publicly accountable on my various social media accounts to *hopefully* keep this regular.
I'll be posting a photo a day (photos may not be from that day) for 31 days. I'd love to go longer... but lets start with 31.

Feel free to leave me some feedback (and/or love notes... I like those too ;))

Day 1

I was sitting on my deck, drinking a delicious coconut and mint smoothie. Watching the sky, looking out over our small yard and listening to the sounds of the early evening. A pretty great form of multitasking.

As I was sitting there, I started thinking... there is something about summer that causes me to appreciate how fleeting times can be. How if you are unaware, so much can slip by. ...

Looking out at all the plants and insects at different stages in their life gave me a real sense of ephemeral life. The lilac tree that just a few weeks ago had been so purple and fragnent, now has dead flowers. Where there were black flies, there are now mosquitos and horseflies. Beautiful lupins came out of seemingly nowhere, and now dot almost every road in Nova Scotia.

These things changed almost as soon as they became, or so it seemed. We are all in a state of change, some longer than others.

I remembered the patch of wild strawberries I had been anxiously awaiting to ripen. I first spotted their tiny little three serrated leaves in early spring, and was so excited to have such a large patch in our yard... I love wild strawberries!

And so under my insistance, when we finally mowed, we mowed around our little strawberry patch. I watched them as they grew, flowered, and produced tiny little white berries... waiting until they darkend to a deep red, catching them at just the right moment.

Harvesting from the forest is all about timing. If you are unaware, you may miss out on something delicious like a little wild strawberry.

What do you think... some life analogies in there somewhere?

Taken: July 6th
Location: Wellington, NS

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